A New Journey!

For a few months I have been posting my encounters with the Zombie Infection Crew and the experiences have been nothing short of amazing!

I completed my first ZI event after the covid-19 lockdowns had ended and I knew that it was something that I was going to enjoy, what could you not love about it? Guns, Zombies and an engaging story that allows you to escape your normal life and be transported into a different world, For that 2 hours you are someone else in a completely different universe you can be anyone you want to be!

At my first event I learned about something called the “Captains Membership” A one off payment for a year of unlimited access to the ZI Universe, little did I know this would push me into a new chapter of my life meeting amazing people from across the country and after a few months of attending the events I would be applying to work for this amazing company.

Well I did it!

I recently undertook a trial shift for ZI and I passed!
I couldn’t be happier and the welcome I have received by what I am proud to say are now my fellow castmates has been amazing and I look forward to attending the events as both staff and guest and welcoming everyone who wishes to participate in OUR events with blood covered arms.